TOP indie KIDS' books

Discover hidden gems and support indie authors and illustrators.


As trade publishing becomes more and more competitive, many talented creators take the leap into indie publishing to hone their craft and get more beautiful books into children's hands.

Top Indie Kids’ Books aims to showcase a small, evolving collection of hand-picked hidden gems from some of Australia's most passionate picture book authors and illustrators.

While many major distribution channels offer book creators a tiny amount of money per sale, Top Indie Kids’ Books will offer creators almost all of the retail price.

Most indie creators already have their own websites and online shops, but - with only one or two titles in store - the sites often have poor visitation. Plus, authors and illustrators need as much time as possible to create, rather than tinker with websites.

Top Indie Kids’ Books aims to offer ‘strength in numbers’ for indie creators and a ‘one-stop-shop’ for picture book lovers.

Please enjoy these special titles, and help us share the love.