Our Mum is Fun

Our Mum is Fun


Written by Laura Hockley
Illustrated by Aliosa Tran Pham

Two small children find the fun and joy in all activities with their Mum, from simple things like making lunch or reading a story to going on great explorations and adventures.

Ages: 0-5
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780646980461
Published: 2017

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Our Mum is Fun is a playful and heart-warming story, sharing the joy of parent-child relationships.
Our Mum is Fun by Laura Hockley is a simple, heartwarming book about fun days with mum.
Our Mum is Fun is a sweet and simple book that highlights how mums everywhere make their little ones days special and - fun!
Our Mum is Fun is the perfect book for toddlers and pre-schoolers to share with their mums, perhaps curled up on the couch, or enjoyed as a tender bedtime story.


Laura Hockley is an independent children's author and mum of two. She has an extra special love of creating fun, lively picture books about families that stretch the imagination, as well as crafting intricate and strange new worlds in novels and chapter books for older readers.

Laura has a new picture book called Evangeline's Moon coming out in December 2018. Check out Laura's website to find out more, or to download Our Mum is Fun as an e-book.

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