Top Indie Kids' Books on show

We are delighted to invite you to browse our new bookshop: Top Indie Kids’ Books… just in time for Christmas.

The pilot store not only showcases our debut title Meeka, but 11 other beautiful stories from other indie creators.

But what is indie-publishing, I hear you ask?

With competition high in traditional ‘trade’ publishing, some authors and illustrators choose to ‘go it alone’ to hone their craft.

Indie-publishing means that the creators invest their own money, collaborate with other creatives and suppliers, and do lots of legwork to make books a reality.

It’s wonderful adventure but – even if people love your book – it is difficult to break even. Many creators end up with unsold copies and a website featuring one or two lonely titles.

Top Indie Kids’ Books aims to offer ‘strength in numbers’ for passionate creators and a one-stop-shop where picture book lovers can browse hand-picked indie titles online.

The books in store right now explore a wide range of topics including mindfulness, diversity, engineering, anxiety, music, bedtime, wildlife and sustainability.

While many distribution channels offer book creators a tiny amount of the retail price, almost all money spent in the Top Indie Kids Books online store will go to the creators.

So have a browse to find hidden gems, meet the makers and find great reads that may not be on the shelves of major stores.

Use the code LOVEINDIE before 30 November 2018 to get free domestic postage and delivery before Christmas.

Visit the Top Indie Kids’ Books online store.

Suzanne Barton