Meet the author

Suzanne Barton

I was born in Zimbabwe, raised on the pristine coastline of Western Australia and now live in Melbourne, where my voice-actor partner Paul and I enjoy making the most of the city’s cultural delights and cheeseboards.

As a child, I spent idyllic family Christmases in the Irish countryside. The mountains and streams provided endless inspiration, and – being surrounded by authors, illustrators, English teachers and Scrabble enthusiasts – there was no hope for me. I was a writer.

I am delighted to bring my first picture book to life, five years after my mother and I dreamed up the character of Meeka over a delicious Moroccan meal. I am ever grateful for the extraordinary talents and guidance of my illustrator Anil Tortop, which made this dream a reality.

When I'm not writing stories for children, I am the editor of the City of Melbourne’s Melbourne Magazine and the creator of cabaret inspired by 1940s radio drama for Neo Radio.

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