Riverboat postie inspires picture book

Joanne Karcz has to cross the beautiful Hawkesbury River by boat to get to or from her house. As a passionate travel writer, she couldn’t have asked for a more perfect abode.

The river – and the lifestyle of the lucky folk who reside on its banks – even inspired Joanne to write her latest picture book: The Riverboat Postman.

Joanne Karcz

1. What inspired you to independently publish a picture book?
I live in a unique place on the Hawkesbury River. Children here have a freedom unknown by many Australian children. After writing my first book on Dangar Island, which celebrates that freedom, it was an easy step to introduce readers to The Riverboat Postman, which delivers my mail.

2. Why is your book, The Riverboat Postman, special to you?
I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of Sydney. The Riverboat Postman captures the essence of the unusual life people who live in water-access properties on the Hawkesbury River lead.

3. What has been the best thing, and what has been the most challenging thing about the process of indie publishing?
The best and most surprising thing was how well my books have been received. I never in a million years expected the response I have received. The most challenging thing was starting from a zero knowledge base and researching absolutely everything about publishing my book. Finding an illustrator was also difficult.

5. What is your big creative dream?
Unrelated to my books, I dream that my writing will one day be published in a travel magazine. I currently write a blog, Travel with Joanne, which mainly focuses on Sydney suburbs, but other travels too.

To buy a copy of The Riverboat Postman head to Vivid Publishing.