Ori the octopus returns

Anne Donnelly is an emerging author, illustrator, dance teacher and former scientist. With such a busy life, it’s no wonder she had to invent an eight-armed helper.

Ori the octopus has now starred in three indie-published picture books. The latest title, Ori’s Clean-Up, aims to inspire children to care for the environment.

One of Anne’s favourite things about her indie publishing journey has been collaborating with editors, a designer, printer and distributor.

‘I have learnt so much along the way. Persistence and hard work!’ Anne said.

‘My big creative dream is to be able to earn a reasonable living from writing so I can continue to do it.’

Anne’s connections with environmentally-minded retailers is helping Ori on his journey into the hands of young readers, despite the distribution challenges faced by indie authors.

‘I have been so lucky that, aside from book shops and libraries, lots of other retailers have picked up Ori’s Clean-Up,’ Anne said.

‘Many zoos, national parks, museums, aquariums and holiday retailers across the country are now stocking it, and I am doing a second print run.

Head to Anne’s website to check out the full Ori series.