Three, two one... lift off!

It has been an exciting few weeks at Bluebell Books HQ.

Following the success of our Pozible campaign, thanks to the kindness of 88 supporters, Meeka was sent to print. We tracked his voyage across the seas and waited with baited breath as a huge truck deposited a towering pallet of boxes on the street outside my apartment... in the rain. Eeek!

Even a friendly neighbour pitched in to bring the boxes inside and up the stairs (you've got to be fit to be an indie publisher!) quick smart, and then this happened...

Safe to say, I'd underestimated the excitement of hearing the new books crackle as they open and smelling that lovely booky smell!

It's is now all systems go ahead of Meeka's book launch this Sunday, following which our focus will turn to posting out rewards to Pozible supporters and getting books into stores. Something tells me this is just the start of the adventure.

Stay tuned for photographs from the book launch.

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MeekaSuzanne Barton