Dreaming of Digby

Embark on a musical adventure between the pages of Digby and the Yodelayhee Who? – the latest picture book by author and performer Renee Price.

The title is the second book in Renee’s independently-published Digby Fixit series, following Digby’s Moon Mission. Both books are illustrated by Anil Tortop.

Digby and the Yodelayhee Who? is a dream creation; combining a fun-filled, energetic story and visuals with equally fun and engaging music. All my loves!’ Renee said.

‘The best thing about indie publishing is the creative control over my project and ensuring my vision for it is realised.

‘The most challenging thing is definitely budget, and also obtaining wide distribution channels.’

Renee’s passion for her craft and success in indie publishing has led her to become a strong supporter of many other emerging authors.

Recently, her dream of a traditional publishing contract also came true. Elsie's Dreams will be published by Little Pink Dog Books in early 2021.

‘I have moderate-severe hearing loss (surprisingly not caused by my work as a muso!) and have worn hearing aids since I was 30.’ - Renee Price

The multi-talented Renee continues to dream big, combining her writerly dreams with her talents as a musician and performer.

‘I would love to continue combining my writing and performance, tour, create and build a wide audience for my work,’ Renee said.

‘The Travelling Story Performer sounds like a good title for the role.

‘I'd like to thank all visitors to Top Indie Kids' Books for their interest and support of independent creators and publishers. And to Bluebell Books for establishing this wonderful go-to for picture book lovers!’

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Find out more about Renee’s creative journey, visit Create It Kids, or watch the below video.

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