Baking and bird-watching and rhymes... oh my!

It is a hive of activity at Bluebell Books HQ with copies of Meeka winging their way to stores and across the globe.

As people start to receive their books, it's been such a treat to receive pictures and videos of people enjoying Meeka. Here is one of our cutest customers, Frankie, showing us her favourite page.


But what do you do with your little ones (or furry friends) after story time? Here are some activity ideas from teacher librarian Vanessa Ryan, from her review of Meeka.

  • Are there any market places near you? Plan a family outing to a farmer’s market.

  • What do you love to cook? Choose a favourite recipe and cook this with someone you love. Explore the senses that light up as you cook – smells, tastes, sounds, sights and touch.

  • Take a walk into your backyard or local park and see the different birds that live nearby. Can you watch what they eat? How might humans be effecting the birds diets?

  • Take part in the national bird watch count.

  • Explore how to make tagines, crusty bread, donuts and toffee!

  • Suzanne Barton uses rhyme to describe the father’s cooking, toffee and nectar. Can you create your own rhymes to describe your favourite food?

Read Vanessa's full review on Educate Empower.

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